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Cultivating Success One Farmer at a Time


Easter Seals Michigan AgrAbility is a non-profit private charity that provides direct services to farmers with injuries, illnesses or aging conditions so they can continue the occupation and lifestyle they love.






Easter Seals Michigan uses private donations and sponsorships to provide life-changing supports and services to these hard working men and women who brave the elements daily to provide us with food, fiber and fuel.  Contact us if you would like to donate, could benefit from our services or have new ideas how we could serve farmers in the future.

Featured Testimonials

Fri, 28 Nov 2014 05:00:00 -0500

In the fiscal year 2013/2014, Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) provided nearly a quarter of a million dollars of assistive technology to farmers with disabilities in Michigan. 

Thank you, Ty Higgins.

The harvest is done
The bins are full
Same can’t be said for my wallet
That’s for sure
But the bills are paid
The equipment is clean
Those who says farming isn’t fun
Don’t know what that means
It may not be worth it
To fight the bad luck and weather
But all that doesn’t seem to matter
When the family is back together
After living in the field
When it shines or when it pours
There’s no better place to be
Than through that front door
I have quite a lot
Considering how I make a living
My prayers have all been answered
But I’ll save one for Thanksgiving
Dear Lord God in Heaven
Not sure what I did
For a hard working wife
And a house full of kids
Don’t think for a second
I have what I deserve
But know that I’m Thankful
And for You, I’ll continue to serve

This is a collage with graphics and details about the 2014 Andersons Golf event.


We invite you to join these fine organizations in supporting Michigan AgrAbility:

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