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Easter Seals Michigan AgrAbility is a non-profit private charity that provides direct services to farmers with injuries, illnesses or aging conditions so they can continue the occupation and lifestyle they love.






Easter Seals Michigan uses private donations and sponsorships to provide life-changing supports and services to these hard working men and women who brave the elements daily to provide us with food, fiber and fuel.  Contact us if you would like to donate, could benefit from our services or have new ideas how we could serve farmers in the future.

Featured Testimonials

Thu, 14 Aug 2014 04:00:00 -0400

Meet Scott Cronkite of St. Joseph County, Michigan. Scott raises 900 acres of organic grain crops.  Scott also has a respiratory impairment similar to asthma which is caused by an allergic reaction to fine dust and pollen. Ned Stoller from Easter Seals Michigan AgrAbility went out to Scott’s farm to do an on-site farm assessment of Scott’s needs.

This is a photo of Scott Cronkite standing beside his grain truck, wearing his forced-air helmet.

Want to have fun and help farmers with disabilities at the same time? Come and join us on Thursday, September 4, 2014 at the Bella Vista Golf Course for an afternoon of golf (must be registered by Aug 29) followed by an evening dinner and presentations.  For more details, click on the News and Dos tab above. Not able to join us? But would still like to attend the evening dinner, or donate to support farmers with disabilities? Call 517-283-2156 or contact:  

This is a collage with graphics and details about the 2014 Andersons Golf event.


We invite you to join these fine organizations in supporting Michigan AgrAbility:

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