Easter Seals Michigan AgrAbility Tools & Equipment Wishlist
Friday, July 10, 2020




What could you give to help an AgrAbility farmer?

How about a good condition used 30+HP utility tractor with a loader?  We're helping a veteran with PTSD, shoulder, knee and back impairments.  A small loader tractor would really change his life.  The loader replaces a shovel and the tractor can be used for getting around the pastures instead of walking long distances.

Other items always in demand for farmers with disabling conditions:
  • golf carts or utility vehicles for mobility
  • squeeze chutes to restrain cattle or sheep
  • grain bin level indicators
  • trailer tailgate lift springs
  • rolling shop ladders
  • powered grease gun for one-hand use
  • CabCam rear-view cameras
  • 3-point quick hitches

For a searchable catalog with 100's of other good ideas for adaptive tools and equipment, visit The Toolbox from National AgrAbility!

Sheep and goat handling systems allow farmers with leg and mobility impairments to safely handle livestock without being pushed around.  The crowding tub has a locking swing gate and there are a variety of gates for sorting animals, turntables for working on livestock feet, fold-down gate panels for giving vaccinations and headlocks for securing animals for veterinary work.


Combine access can be as simple as an aluminum step ladder hinged to the combine ladder.  A small slope to the ladder makes climbing with a prosthetic leg much more safe

Towable JD Gator utility vehicle
Towing hitch for a utility vehicle makes is simple to have emergency mobility or simply a way to get home without a long hike once you get to the field.  Simple, farmer-built idea that saves alot of steps for a farmer with leg injuries or impairment!

Little Mule Cart with the Mulesled filled with wood  LITTLE MULE - POWERED WALK-BEHIND CART

The Little Mule is powerful and lightweight, yet safe to use. The front pneumatic tire removes the burden on the user from lifting the work load as it travels, and allows for easy turning when in tight quarters. Its low center of gravity reduces the chance of a rollover when traversing steep hillsides, logs and rocks. The heavy-duty stainless drive train and 24 volt motor gives The Little Mule unstoppable working power. The Little Mule Cart is the most versatile electric drive cart ever produced.

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