Friday, July 10, 2020





So many ways to help...


helps a farmer with a leg amputation get a hand control lever to operate his tractor clutch.

$200 allows a farmer with MS (multiple sclerosis) drive in and out of his cattle lots without opening and closing gates.

$300 buys a set of wide steps and handrails so a farmer can climb safely to the tractor seat after having a stroke.

$500 covers the cost of grain bin level indicators so a paralyzed farmer can know how full his bins are without climbing.

$1000 gives a farmer with a whiplash injury a cushioned air-ride swivel seat so he can see behind his tractor without twisting so much.

$2000 engineers a custom powered manlift/mechanics creeper for a young farmer with a traumatic brain injury who cannot crawl around the farm shop floor and stand up again while making repairs to equipment.

$3000 sets up a sheep and goat handling system for a farmer recovering from cancer so he can catch, sort and care for his livestock without being pushed down.

$5000 provides a seed handling system so a farmer with shoulder rotator cuff injuries can fill his corn planter without lifting seed bags.

$10,000 opens the door for a beef farmer with Cerebral Palsy (CP) to get a cattle handling system so he can work cattle safely.

$12,000 lifts a farmer with rheumatoid arthritis into his combine so he can harvest his crops.

$15,000 is the path for an all-terrain track-type power wheelchair for a veteran with shrapnel wounds and diabetic neuropathy.

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